Hispanic Bar Association of Michigan Member Spotlight

Alfredo Casab

What is your name?

Alfredo Casab

What company/firm do you work for, and what is your position there?

Dawda Mann, PLC

I am a member (i.e., partner) at the law firm

What legal practice areas do you primarily focus on?

Corporate, business and real estate

Where did you attend law school, and when did you graduate?

Wayne State University Law School, 1996

What has been the biggest accomplishment/victory in your legal career?

I try to not get too high when I win, nor too low when I don’t.

What organization or cause are you passionate about?

I’m not sure passionate is the right word, but I believe in the concept of freedom enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  To that end, needlessly restrictive immigration laws bother me.

What motivates you to be successful?

Success can be defined in many ways.  I won’t know if I’ve been successful until my kids grow up and (hopefully) become constructive members of society.

What is the biggest adventure you’ve been on?

Marriage and parenthood.  Hiking in the Swiss Alps comes second (ok, it was a day hike, but cool nonetheless).

What is your favorite month and why?

November because of football, cooler weather, Thanksgiving and Día De Los Muertos.

What are you most grateful for?

2 things: my wife and kids, and my parents deciding to move to the US when I was a kid.  The latter goes to my point about immigration noted above – I did not have a choice to move here, but we were lucky enough to come to the US with green cards.  While I understand (being a lawyer) that we need to respect laws, if there are unjust or needlessly restrictive laws made by imperfect humans, they should be changed.

What makes me different than some other kid whose parents brought them here? Absolutely nothing.

Outside of family, who was an important mentor in your life, and how did this person impact your career and what advice did they offer?

I’ve had several, but I have to ignore the familial limitation in the question because the best underlying piece of advice I ever received was from my brother: “pick out the best characteristic from every person you know and incorporate it into your persona.”